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How to Keep Office Carpet Tiles in High-Traffic Areas Clean

When you’ve finally taken the plunge, and invested in brand new office carpet, the whole place will look amazing. For the first few weeks at least.

It’ll also smell great, and with a bit of luck, you’ll have a whole bunch of very happy people tapping away at their computers, knowing that you’ve invested in them.

That sill won’t stop them walking their mucky shoes through the place though.

Some of them will have taken their dog for a walk, jogged through the park or trudged through the rain to get to work, and all of that outside muck will begin to get inside.

Very soon, your pristine carpet will begin to look mucky, and you’ll be back to square one.

So you ought to do something about it, and as with most things, prevention is better than cure.

Here are a couple of ways you can keep stop your carpet getting to the point where you just want to rip up the tiles and chuck them in the skip.

Use entrance mats

This is likely to be the easiest and most common solution to the problem of dirty shoes, and your fitting company might already have suggested it.

In most cases, it takes the form of an abrasive mat that you put right in the entrance to your offices and how rough it is will depend on the outside environment.

For example, in London, you’ll probably find companies use a slightly abrasive and thin matting that will sit under the (often revolving) door.

It won’t get in the way of the door, and it does a great job of ensuring wet shoes are cleaned before entering the building.

In London, mud isn’t usually a problem, so this type of light-weight solution is perfect, but what about other, more rural places?

A friend of mine had an office renovated in what can only be described as “the sticks.”

It was right next door to a farm, and even though he was a high-power solicitor, most of his customers were from the local area and were farmers.

And it was in Wales. It rained. A lot.

The company fitting out the office used some “office-grade” entrance matting, thinking that most of his customers would also be fairly high-wealth and would turn up in their sports cars wearing bespoke brogues.

As it turns out, his customers turned up in Range Rovers wearing Hunter wellies.

The first customer was a landowner nearby who walked in together with plenty of wet, wet mud which simply sat on top of the matting.

The carpet in reception immediately bore the brunt of the rest of it.

One of his staff members came in next, in nice shoes, but she had to walk through the mud bath left by the customer, and the damage was now spread across the rest of the office.

The carpet tiles were easy to clean, but they really didn’t want to be cleaning them every hour.

So, the type of matting you choose does depend on the type of company you are, your location and obviously, who your customers are.

In this case, they installed heavy duty coir matting the following day, and it helped to mitigate the problem.  But they needed something else.

Boot cleaners

 Yes, boot cleaners. They’re not just for country pubs.

There are plenty of types available, depending on the type of things that are found on your customers’ shoes.

For example, a heavy duty boot scraper usually isn’t very expensive, and it will feature brushes on the bottom and sides, enough to get most of the filth off even the dirtiest shoes.

That’ll work well for my friend out in the country, but mud isn’t always the worst thing that can come in on shoes.

If your office is near to a building site, or other heavy industrial units, then you might want to consider something a little more heavy-duty.

For example, a boot cleaner that also attaches to a water supply to get those boots super clean?

Obviously, warn people not to step on it with their suede shoes, but if you want to ensure every boot is totally clean before it gets near your new carpet, one of these is essential.

A tacky mat?

I first encountered these during my days as a lowly systems engineer. Every time I went into the computer room, I walked over an odd tacky mat.

It was quite obvious that the dirt on my shoes was sticking to it, but it seemed odd to invest so much in something that would surely need replacing regularly?

Ah, not so!

These clever mats have a whole bunch of membranes on them and you simply pull the top one off when it gets mucky. Underneath you find a nice clean one – simple!

The curse of wheeled chairs

You’ve probably already seen the damage wheeled chairs do to carpet tiles, especially if you have a highly mobile team who like to race each other up and down the office.

Luckily, there’s been a solution to that for some time.

Plastic chair mats are available from your local stationery warehouse, as well as many on-line stores, and they have many benefits.

Firstly, they protect the carpet underneath from being trashed, but they also make it a bit easier for people to wheel around.

I know that might sound like a bad idea, but these days when people use multiple monitors, or like in our office where the receptionist regularly has to move around the desk, they’re very useful indeed.

And these are relatively cheap

You’ve probably just spent a bit on your carpet and so the thought of extra costs on top might not be high on your list, but none of these solutions are expensive.

In fact, some are incredibly cheap, and they could extend the life of your carpet by many years, saving much more into the future.

So protect that carpet, make your office happy, and save money to-boot!