Spot and Stain Removal

In addition to routine vacuming, spot removal should also be carried out daily as needed. Prompt treatment is
critical. The longer a spot is allowed to set, the more difficult it is to remove. Some spots will become permanent
stains if allowed to remain until dry.

Give immediate attention to problem spots like tracked-in grease, food, beverages and chemical spills. As a last
resort, replace stained or damaged tile with new ones either from ‘spares’ or from less visible areas of the
installation. A colour difference will occur depending upon the condition or exposure of the tiles.


For small areas, commercial spot removal kits are ideal. They include detergents, solvents and several types
of special spotting agents for inks, dyes, blood and urine, plus basic equipment and directions. Most kits require
no special skill and are effective on most stains.

As a precaution, all cleaning materials should first be tested on an inconspicuous area to assure that they don’t
affect colour. Put several drops of the agent on a white cloth, then blot the tile. Do not use the agent if the colour
transfers to the cloth.


Remember! Spots need prompt attention. Attend to spot removal as soon as possible.

  • Identify the substance causing the spot, if possible.
  • Gently scrape up any solid material with a spoon or dull spatula.
  • Blot up all liquid using a clean, all white cloth or paper towel.
  • Apply a cleaning chemical or detergent spotter to another clean cloth and blot- do not rub – the stained area. Do not pour the liquid directly onto the tile. Avoid overwetting, which could damage the secondary backing.
  • Begin at the edge of the spot and work toward the centre, repeating the blotting action until no more of the spot is deposited onto the clean cloth.
  • After the majority of the spot has been removed, put several thicknesses of paper towels or facial tissue on the area, add a light weight and allow to dry. This will wick up any remaining stains from the carpet tufts.


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