Do We Have to Move the Furniture?


Our Lift+Lay™ system is unique to us and it means you don’t have to bother with moving furniture, it’s the end of hours and even days of office down time!

Just leave it to us, our staff will survey the office and then at an agreed time we’ll arrange to bring the equipment on site and begin.

Can We Leave Computers etc. On the Desks?


We’d suggest you switch off and unplug everything, but you can leave everything where it is. Lift+Lay™ will simply move the entire desk upwards without disturbing what’s already there.

Do You Work at Weekends and Holidays?


Very often this is the best time for us to lay your new carpet tiles. You want the minimum of downtime possible and the best way to do this is to work when your staff are normally away from their desks. Whether it’s weekends, overnight or during a shut-down, we can work around you.

You’ll leave on Friday and arrive back on Monday with new carpet tiles and everything working as it should!


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