Office Carpet Tile Replacement

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The very thought of replacing carpet in a busy office environment can be enough to cause a real headache. Workstations to be moved or knocked down, storage cabinets emptied, computers and telephones disconnected and sometimes employees temporarily relocated; replacing your office carpet this way is nothing but hassle for you and your business.

However, talking to NEXUS – the specialist office carpet installation company – will change the way you think about your next office carpet replacement project. Our mission is to help businesses realise that it is possible (as well as necessary) to replace their office flooring without suffering loss of staff productivity or disruption to their operations.

Our Expertise

Working outside normal office hours, we will supply and install replacement carpet tiles with zero downtime to your business using our ‘Lift+Lay’™ furniture management system. We understand all of the components of working offices and, as pioneers of furniture lifting technology, we know how to deal with the complex maze of furniture, wiring and electronics found in today’s offices. The experience and skills of our installation technicians, the custom-made ‘Lift+Lay’™ tooling and the quality of our project management all combine to deliver a safe, cost- effective and practical solution for your carpet replacement project. We are focused solely on supply and installation projects in commercial office buildings – we don’t do anything else.

Useful Advice

When the time comes to evaluate the bids for your project remember that the NEXUS ‘Lift+Lay’™ process (‘Lift+Lay’ is our TradeMark) means no packing away, no disconnections, no furniture breakdown, no co-ordination issues and most importantly no disruption to your business.

If a company says that they do the same as NEXUS then ask to see their furniture lifting and moving devices. Blocks of wood, crowbars and scraps of cardboard are the tools of amateurs!
Check out their All Risks Insurance Cover.
Insist upon seeing a list of Client References with named contacts whom you can call.
If possible, view an installation in progress; you can tell a lot about a company by the attitude and aptitude displayed by their installers.

NEXUS has established it’s reputation by exhibiting professionalism and attention to every detail so you can feel confident in the knowledge that your project will be in “safe hands”.


Carpet Tiles

Product Information

We supply carpet tiles suitable for intense office use manufactured by leading mills such as Desso, Interface and Milliken. Products are examined by independent testing institutions to agreed ISO and EN standards in order to rate a product’s durability and appearance retention when subjected to, for example, use under castor chairs , compression from furniture and assorted cleaning methods etc.



100% Nylon is the pile yarn of choice. It comes in two forms Type 6 and Type 6.6 and most carpet mills use both. There are pluses and minuses for each but nowadays it’s a lot less about the differences and more about which yarn is better suited to a preferred product style . Denier selection, dyeing method (acid or solution dyed) and the amount of yarn used, all contribute to a product’s finished appearance. Applied pre or post-manufacture, additional yarn treatments are also available to assist with liquid repellance and stain removal


For commercial use two styles predominate, Cut pile – using velour or twisted yarns – and Loop pile where the given pile height can produce budget low level flat loop styles right up to luxury multi-height textured products thicker than most traditional broadloom carpets! As Loop pile products are considered to have a better ‘performance to price’ ratio than Cut pile they tend to be used in general office areas where performance under rolling office chairs, for example, is an important consideration. Cut pile velour products can offer improved aesthetics and ambience but, unless they are constructed to the optimum specification are, in our opinion, better suited to areas of less intense usage such as meeting rooms.


Darker colours can shrink the space but are considered more practical. Patterns assist soil hiding and can also camouflage the adverse effects of intense traffic. The visibility of carpet tile joints is influenced by many factors such as – colour and/or pattern selection; surface texture; subfloor condition; lighting conditions (especially floor-to-ceiling external glazing); whether viewed in daylight or artificial light; even the direction of viewing can make a difference.


For daily vacuuming we recommend twin-motor upright machines as the brushing action agitates the pile to enable maximum extraction by suction of soil and grit All of our carpet tile ranges are suitable for regular maintenance using a dry cleaning compound such as HOST®


As Nylon carpet tiles are extremely durable – and usually carry a minimum Ten Year Wear Warranty – any performance issues will more than likely relate to a product’s actual appearance retention which is an altogether different matter. Factors such as an inappropriate colour choice, inadequate installation standards, incorrect spot cleaning treatments or lack of a preventative or a planned maintenance programme are all detrimental to the appearance of any floorcovering.


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