Our ‘Lift + Lay’™ system means you don’t need to clear your desks or pack things away – just leave everything as it is!

Traditionally, office carpet replacement has been viewed as a major project involving costly downtime and loss of staff productivity. The packing of crates, disconnecting data/communications systems, dismantling of workstations etc, and then, once the carpet has been replaced, having to carry out the operation in reverse are all good enough reasons for putting off changing your carpet. 

However, NEXUS has developed the technology and skills to produce specific tools and lifting devices to raise office furniture – from desks and panels – to filing cabinets and storage systems to allow for the installation of carpet tiles. The NEXUS ‘Lift+Lay’™ office carpet tile replacement service means no disruption, no dismantling, no disconnecting and no co-ordination problems, resulting in time saved and reduced costs.


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