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What disruption can I expect when I have my carpet tiles fitted?

Do your carpet tiles take a beating from heavy traffic? Large offices are usually very busy places, with employees and visitors coming and going all day, bringing the outside in on the bottom of their shoes and generally not taking much notice of the wear they inflict on the flooring.

Heavy-use areas such as entrances, doorways and even around photocopiers and printers are especially prone to wear, whereas many places that don’t see such traffic will be almost untouched.

The obvious advantage of carpet tiles is that they are replacable in neat squared-off areas. You don’t have to rip the entire floor up just because one particular area gets really dirty on a regular basis.

If your entranceway is beginning to look particularly grubby after a heavy winter, then it’s a relatively quick and easy task to lift up the old ones and lay down some new. You simply cordon off the area (being careful of relevant health and safety law, obviously) and get to it with little disruption to the working day.

Assuming you can get the right colour match, then everything will look absolutely fine, and your company can continue to give a professional impression to clients.

However, your staff also deserve to be looked after, and less worn but by no means less important areas of the office may also be suffering and beyond cleaning.

These are a little more difficult to handle though.

The office move

I’m sure many a manager has looked in despair at a rapidly deteriorating office carpet and thought that they would love to replace it, if only there were so many people and desks to get out of the way.

In many cases, a new carpet only appears when there’s something as radical as an office move.

The thought of disrupting a working office while carpet is relaid or tiles replaced can mean it’s put off for decades, and companies will only do it when they absolutely have to.

One company I worked for back in the 80s wouldn’t consider replacing the office tiles simply for this reason.

Even though years of dirt, iron filings and ash (it was before the smoking ban) had been ground into the carpet, and the colour was nowhere near what it was meant to be, there was no way it was being replaced.

The disruption was simply too much.

Fifty people would have to be relocated; the office cleared of all desks and an entire wall of filing cabinets moved elsewhere.

We even earmarked a new office across the road which it was suggested could be hired for a couple of weeks while the work was carried out. Alas the network and phone requirements were too difficult to arrange.

It was simply impossible.

Or was it?

Is minimum disruption an option?

Many companies would have you believe that they can replace your carpet tiles with “the minimum of disruption,” but what exactly does that mean?

“Minimum” is a particularly difficult word to quantify. It really doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things.

If the “maximum” disruption is the complete removal of all office equipment, windows and doors for five days, “minimum” might mean they can do it in three.

Let’s face it, in busy offices any disruption can be a bad thing.

The cost of replacing a carpet can be high enough, but if orders are lost, or customers go away because there’s nobody there to answer a call – the real effect on business can be much higher.

How about NO disruption?

The ideal solution would be for the carpet fairies to appear over the weekend and do everything for you.

With the wave of a wand, all of the equipment could be lifted out of the way while an army of carpet fitters get to task, placing carpet tiles down with such speed that they can hardly be seen.

Well, fantasies aside, this is almost possible. Seriously, it is!

Although gravity is yet to be defeated and Gandalf doesn’t exist, there are ways to lay tiles underneath desks and cabinets. Kind of…

Yes, even though our ever-connected world means desks now have reams of spaghetti pouring out of them like a food-based Trevi Fountain, it’s still possible to fit carpet tiles with hardly any disruption at all.

The approach Nexus takes is two-fold.

First of all, tell your staff to take the weekend off.

Yes, we work at weekends and evenings, when most of your staff are hopefully enjoying some well-earned R&R.

Even if you work 24 hours, we are flexible and able to fit in with your work schedule to come on site when you have the minimum number of people in the building.

Have rotating staff schedules? No problem, we can come and work with them to ensure a rotation that will work with you.

The point is, you won’t have to move your office equipment!

That’s right, your office equipment can stay exactly where it is, so you don’t have to set up remote offices and move your staff off-site while we work.

You won’t need to hire another office, or get people doubling up at desks while we do our work.

So how do we achieve this magical feat?


The secret is in our proprietary system called Lift+Lay.

We can’t actually show it working here. We’d love to, but it’s so unique we don’t want to let our competitors in on the technology!

Put simply, our system will lift all of your equipment up off the ground just enough so we can get in and lay your carpet tiles with ease.

All of your desks will then be gently placed back down where they were originally.

It’s the minimum of fuss, and absolutely no effort on your behalf.

What about phones and computers?

Simply leave them where they are.

Cables can stay in place. If the cords are too short, then all we ask is that you shut down computers so we can lift them up, and then when finished, we’ll plug them back in again.

We’ll do a full site audit first to ensure we can carry out the work properly, safely and with no disruption, then we can get to it.

In most cases, you and your staff will leave the office on a Friday night, and our team will get to work.

We’ll bring all our equipment on site, make sure the tiles are ready and start as soon as you’re out of the building.

You’ll get back to your office on Monday morning to find a brand new flooring and all desks, equipment and filing cabinets back where they were when you left.

It really is as easy as that!

So if you’ve put off replacing your carpet tiles because you think the job is simply too disruptive, too difficult and too expensive, then give us a call today.

We’ll show you how Nexus, together with our incredible Lift+Lay technology can brighten your office, improve staff morale and give your office that much needed refresh with, yes, the actual minimum of fuss, absolutely no disruption to your working day.


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